Friday, February 11, 2011

DotNetNuke - Add a splash page or change the home page

Need to develop a new home page for your DotNetNuke website? Want to keep the old one in place until the new one is completed and ready to be displayed?

Or want to create a temporary splash page for a promotion on your site?

First create the new page on your DotNetNuke site. You can uncheck "display in menu" or uncheck "All users" from the "View" permission if you want to keep the page private for now. Once your page is ready to launch, under Admin > Site Settings > Advanced Settings select your new page in the drop down list for either the home page or the splash page (depending on which you would like to use). Keep in mind that if you add a splash page, the existing home page will remain the same and be displayed after the splash page. Also, don't forget to change the page permissions so that users can now view the page!

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